The Owner

It all started with a little online boutique I started as a “hobby”. I was still in business school at Butler University, working full-time in corporate marketing departments and well into my second failed business. I started the e-commerce clothing store as a“fun project” but slowly realized my boutique was starting to take off and proper branding combined with a strong social media strategy were to blame. Long story short, I abandoned the online boutique and started training those who had watched my journey learn to market themselves through the power of social media.


My plan was to haul my little side business up to New York City with the help of my many supportive mentors. But my heart is and always been in the Midwest with the hard-working business owners and entrepreneurs operating right in my beautiful city. The best part is that my services have never been limited to just one city though because I have had the opportunity to work with clients around the world and it makes me love what I do that much more!


The conversion-focused strategy I use is personalized, easy to implement and focuses entirely on growing your business through social media. 85% of my clothing store sales were generated on the platform I nurtured the most... *drum roll please!* Instagram! Although I let go of the boutique, my focus on conversion and analyzing real data in order to pivot and grow has not changed. After all, that's why we put so much effort into social media in the first place right? To grow our businesses and build relationships in the process.


In my book, success should translate to loyal audiences that become die-hard customers. Although pretty pictures and follower counts are nice, the focus should be on utilizing social media to grow your business and gain loyal clients that will advocate for you in the process!


Butler University Lacy School of Business​

Bachelor of Science | Business Marketing


National Retail Federation (NRF) Member

Student, The Professional School of Hard Knocks ;)