What we do

Full-spectrum social media consulting sessions for small-to-medium sized businesses
Social media branding sessions to help you get clear on your messaging and provide value to prospective clients
Advising on lead tracking and focusing on real client conversion data and sales
Focus on converting followers to clients
Social Media management on nearly every platform
Social media engagement strategies to help you scale
Influencer strategy


About Social City

"Success should translate to loyal audiences that become die-hard customers. Although pretty pictures and follower counts are nice, the focus should be on utilizing social media to grow your business and gain loyal clients that will advocate for you in the process!"

It all started with a little online boutique I launched as a “hobby”. I was still in business school at Butler University, working full-time in corporate marketing departments and well into my second failed business. I started my

e-commerce clothing store as a“fun project” but slowly recognized the boutique was starting to take off and proper branding combined with a strong social media strategy were to blame. Long story short, within the first year, I abandoned the online boutique and started training those who had watched my journey on how to market themselves through the power of social media...


How I Can

Help You?

Fun fact: 85% of sales to my online boutique were generated exclusively from Instagram! New to Instagram? Let me show you the ropes. From understanding the Instagram al...
Instagram Consulting Session
1 hr